Who we are

Our history, our passion

Founded in 2010, FB Technology is the result of more than 20 years experience in the injection moulds for plastic parts primarily in the automotive industry.
The FB Technology uses industry-leading software and machinery. Its organization is perfectly able to offer to the customer a complete work management in order to fully manage the product complying with technical and qualitative requirements.
The service offered goes from discussion about the product directly with the customer to be able to understand their needs, feasibility study of the particulars that the mould is expected to produce, design and discussion of the project, construction, dimensional report of the parts to check the result.

Competence, passion, compliance with deadlines, guaranteed quality are always the targets pursued by the people who are part of the reality that is the FB Technology.  Only in this way is it possible to reach the objectives and to satisfy the expectations of our various customers.

Thanks to our experience and know-how The FB Technology succeeds in attaining those products where the customer expects reliable results. Proof of this is the excellent results obtained on lightingchromed parts, speaker grilles, high-gloss polished, multi-components, textile-plastic overmolding and A-B-C pillars.

Mission and the future
Always oriented towards innovation, the FB Technology invests in the continuous training of personnel and on technologically advanced equipment.
Priorities are automation of processes, planning of the entire production cycle, order management using software that helps to predict the possible critical area and facilitating the identification of preventative or corrective actions.

General manager of the  FB Technology 

“Quality? Only a question of mentality!!!"